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MONEY SNAKE - подобный обзор, платит или нет

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Дата запуска 10.03.2020
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Скам: 1
Мин. депозит 1
Тип выплат Manual
Депозиты $0
Выплаты $15
Платежные системы
Реферальная программа 3%
Техническая информация
Страна United States
NS серверы,
Регистратор Unknown
SSL GoDaddy.com, Inc.
Alexa 1470511
Обновление 2020-09-26 18:00:56
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13.03.2020 $14
20.04.2020 $1
Pulli tolab bera oladiganla bormi paynet evaziga vaqtinchalik kashelokim bolmagani sababli pul tashay olmayman ozim
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All you need to start the game is to make an entry fee of one dollar, choose a name and appearance. Your rules. Your victory. Your balance and contributions of other players are scattered on the map in the form of food at startup. From this moment, each for himself - and how much you earn by eating everything in your path depends on you. Be careful, because losing everything is as easy as getting it - because if one of the players turns out to be more agile, forcing you to crash into it, your character will turn into another pile of coins - and you have to start from scratch. But the game is worth the candle! You can earn an unlimited amount, and in order to withdraw it to your own account, it is enough to exit the match, having previously moved to a safe distance from other players.
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